Park Hotel Eiben

The EIBEN Resort & SPA, set between the thickly wooded mountains and the Piave river, was born on a land where it was possible to create a place where architecture and nature find their union. A modern, contemporary and refined architecture made with “sappadine” materials and construction techniques.
Large porches and covered loggias, empty and full of architecture chase each other, leaving to the transparencies and the wood the absolute predominance mediated only by the use of stone and water.
Water is the fundamental element of the project; the biological lake and the indoor and outdoor pools are the heart of the SPA. The project also includes a panoramic restaurant and a hotel located in two architectural elements resting on the main volume. Finally, a big park, designed to enhance the outdoor life, animated by the presence of some small and discrete wooden buildings used as an extension of the hotel.




In Progress


Concept design
Preliminary design
Final design

Eiben Park Hotel