Hotel & SPA Vesuvius

Hotel & SPA Vesuvius, the creation of an authentic CASINO’, built on a concept that aims to enhance the current business unit.
It is characterized by a spectacular entrance in perfect “VEGAS” style characterized by a double-height gallery that offers the perception of the different functions. Hotel & SPA Vesuvius offers various innovative elements such as the reception able to become a decorative object, the business center capable of managing important flows of people independently and the theme suites.
We wanted to create an external envelope able to communicate through colors, lights, scenographies and graphics, while respecting the MERCURE standard as regards the dimensioning of spaces and functions.
The structure is completed by a SPA able to commercially position the general offer and some equipped terraces, capable of emphasizing the environmental context and giving value to the main functions and activities.






Spa Consulting
Concept Design
Final Design
Detail design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Graphic and multimedia design
Landscape design