Vision Hotel

Erected on a lot of 6,000 sq.m, Vision Hotel is a building whose structure is the result of the integration, and the related construction techniques, of wood, XLam and steel. This allowed the general contractor Rubner Holzbau to assembly the wooden construction with a total of 1655 m³ wall elements and 2214 m³ ceiling elements in 60 days only.

The building is distributed over 3 floors, for a total of approx. 1,500 sq.m and consists of 32 rooms, 2 apartments, breakfast area, bar, reading room and the “Azdora Café” restaurant.

From the architectural point of view, the building is characterized by the large façade composed of a “jutting volumes” design. The balconies of the rooms, in fact, are staggered and give life to dilated and asymmetrical spaces. This movement is underlined by the presence of sunscreen panels, in expanded metal, arranged in an apparently random manner.


Peschiera del Garda




Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Lighting design
Landscape design

Hotel VisionHotel VisionHotel Vision