“Il vero viaggio è in noi stessi” Suite

The suite designed and created by Alberto Apostoli is a symbolic interpretation of the place of contemplation. This suite defines a new way of conceiving the link between design and multimedia. For us, multimedia design is creativity and integrated technology. It is the mastery of spaces through forms, materials, and sensations that are never static and defined; it is the frontier of interior design capable of rethinking our static and fixed way of experiencing places. The suite ‘The Real Journey is in Ourselves’ is a space of about 60 square meters, where guests can immerse themselves in a sensory atmosphere through hidden and never explicit multimedia technologies and high-quality materials. The design is very expressive through the use of dynamic shapes that emphasize form and horizontality. The strong use of black and white accents has a dynamic spatiality, exemplified by recurring horizontal break lines that extend to every single object and piece of furniture in the room.






Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Detail design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Graphic and multimedia design
Art direction