“Etereo” is a furniture system for spa and wellness centers, fully integrated within the massage room. The concept behind this product was born from the need to lighten the spaces in which it is intended, freeing up the floor by moving on the walls all the technical and aesthetic functions.

A “non-furniture” that becomes an architectural object which solves any issue about lighting and integration with the walls, thanks to the customizable finishes that become extensions of the walls themselves.

Consisting of a modular system, completely suspended, it seems to float in the air through the backlight RGB that turns all along the perimeter of its components: shelves, open and closed containers, a sink, a bio-ethanol fireplace and some speakers.

Etereo is equipped with a massage table, a stool, a trolley and a technical-decorative pendant lamp. In time, part of the modules that compose it can be moved, added or removed.


Nilo Beauty




Concept Design
Art direction