Mizu & Shiro

Mizu & Shiro is a system composed of two distinct projects that complement each other and contribute to the creation of a thematic microenvironment full of emotionality and communication. The entire design has been designed to adapt optimally to the anatomic structure of the person. The shape of the support table is provided with a curvature that allows maximum muscle distension and promotes a correct blood and lymphatic flow. A light bath radiates the body to 360 °. The action of color, chosen according to the needs of the customer, is developed mainly at the transcutaneous and visual level enhancing the overall functionality of the organism by relaxing and rebalancing it. Chromo-therapy has been resolved by polychromatic Led technology (Osram colormix) while the surface of the water mattress is heated by a stainless steel surface warmed by silicone electrical resistors.


The Wellcare




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