Comete Gioielli Flagships

Alberto Apostoli has designed the retail concept and flagship store for Comete Gioielli in Milan.  With a wealth of experience in various areas of design, the Veronese architect was able to reinterpret a traditional jewelry store into a multi-sensory and emotional design experience. The concept stems from the well-known brand’s slogan:

“Romantically aligned” – which combines an intimate dimension

rich in feelings and emotions with a rational and pragmatic attitude towards life.

Here is where the sales space takes on a dualistic dimension and

communicates reality and dreams with playful creativity.

Emotions, freshness, and color are the keywords of the project, interpreted mainly through rigorous use of shapes, light, sounds, and aromas.

The store becomes a luminous backdrop “punctuated” by circular windows illuminated by LEDs of three varying sizes that seem to float on an imaginary horizon. The light emitted within the setting is constantly changing, creating ephemeral emotions, themes, and games.


Sound is an integral part of the project and, combined with the use of scented essences used in packaging, constitutes a special and evocative sensory experience.

White dominates significantly, but it is color and light that create the most interesting and emotive settings. The external shop window, on the other hand, is a pure form that ties the interior of the store to the exterior in an almost natural and geometric manner.

A play on empty and full circles that seems to want to read the world of Comete through an emotive lens – the world of Comete is deliberately alienated from the real world.

The project could not have been executed without an in-depth study of RGB technologies and a wealth of design experience related to wellness and multi-sensoriality that Apostoli has gained in recent years.

The concept, in conclusion, aims to illustrate a new way of conceiving the point of sale of jewels – a way that seeks to stimulate the customer both through the product and the “romantic” connotations it expresses through its pure, poetic, and evocative features.


Milan, Bari, Vicenza




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