Art Petè

Art Petè is a new concept in wellness: a center where guests may receive professional treatments and engage in social interaction with other clients.

As a result of the limited amount of surface area (approximately 116 square meters), some common areas have been created with the commercial focus of having fewer cabins and ensuring that they are always occupied and of sufficient size (there are five cabins, one for couples). The vanity area is visible from the outside, which appeals to female customers and acts as an attractive feature of the center. Inside, the tea area becomes a place for meetings and small events. From an architectural point of view, the concept originates from the symbolic central garden from which the whole environment comes to life and where we find a mobile sculpture used for tasting herbal teas and fruit juices. Prevailing is the use of graphics applied to the glass walls with natural and relaxing motifs. There is a blockboard, wood element that gives life to the reception areas, to the showcases for products and merchandise – it runs through the center, interrupted only by the flush doors of the cabins that, once closed, merge into the corridor, creating a strong emotional impact. Inside, a simple and restrained design communicates the idea of hygiene and freshness, while “traditional” materials such as wood and glass give the guest a feeling of security.






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