Home SPA Svizzera

The mountain chalet in which this small but well-kept Home Spa is located is in one of the most famous places in Switzerland, famous for an elite and refined tourism coming from all over Europe. The project involved the partial excavation of a part of the house (on which the side of the Spa insisted) and the creation of some particular reinforced concrete structures to create the tub flush with the central floor and under immure part of the perimeter wall. The particularity of the project lies in the extreme customization of the elements that make up the Spa and in the refinement of their finishes. A steam bath in stone, a cedar sauna and an emotional shower have been made following the polished stone paving concentric with respect to the central basin . The lighting is completely integrated into the furniture and the view towards the open side allows, during the summer season, to connect the outdoor space continuing with the same flooring and the same formal internal logical path.


Crans Montana




Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Detail design
Structural design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design