Medical SPA BIO Resort

In the heart of TUSCiA, at the roots of our history rises the holistic village, a place for personal growth and care of the body and the spirit, in harmony with the forces of nature and its biorhyms. The holistic village will be a swarm of activities united by a common denominator: energy rebalancing and natural cures. An oasis where you find yourself and become architects of your own path of healing and growth, through holistic medicine, meditation, art, science, education and the care of the environment.


Holistic Water Therapy: Natural baths with personal paths of zero-gravity treatments. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation. Vascular path. Hydro-energetic rebalancing. Osmotic biodynamics


Holistic Treatments: Support and preparation for medical, aesthetic, fitness and dietetic treatments. Personalized and created at the moment, with natural products and related to the territory, methodical and dexterity signed, therefore unique and peculiar.


Wellness at 360 °: biotest Ryodoraku. Homeosynergetic. Hydrocolontherapy and natural detoxification. Ayurvedic medicine. Psychosomatic. Collective meditation. Holistic Aqua-therapy. Tai-Chi, Watsu, Biodanza. Donkey Assisted Therapy. Horseback riding and archery.


Onotherapy: It is a pet-therapy that exploits the characteristics of the donkey (reduced size, patience, softness to the touch, slowness of movement and tendency to monotonous gaits) to enter into communication with the patient. The operator performs the important functions of facilitating communication and knowledge of the animal through touch, enhancing the hand as an instrument of communication and affection, exercises in series and games that embraces language, responsibility and Concentration.


Facilities: Reception Area and general reception. Waiting Area/sale of cosmetic products. Changing rooms for customers and staff. Reception area SPA. 4 Suite treatments. 1 Pair Suite. Hammam 12 persons. Finnish Sauna 12 persons. Relax Area


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