Stem Cell & Anti Aging Center

Medical Spa with ultra-modern interior design, located in an ancient Chinese building. The structure includes a laboratory for aesthetic and medical treatments devised through the study of and research into stem cells. Lijiang (China), a World Heritage city, is characterized by buildings of traditional architectural style, bound by strict regulations for preservation. The project for FAAS, therefore, stems from this building context, composed of separate volumes, connected by roofs and terraces and superficially marked by windowed and wood-clad forms, typical of the traditional buildings of the area. The existence of separate volumes has led to an automatic division of spaces such as the reception/administration, laboratory, spaces dedicated to staff and clinics on the ground floor, treatment rooms on the first floor. The interior design concept is based on two key elements: the cell and the synapses. These elements are reflected with different approaches in all the spaces identified by the project.






Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Detail design
Structural design
Water treatment design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Graphic and multimedia design
Landscape design
Art direction