White Outdoor SPA – Palazzo Cusani

White is the color of the light, of naturalness and innocence; it expresses hope for the future and trust in others. In many cultures it evokes the divinity, it recalls peace, enlightenment, mental clarity and physical and spiritual prosperity. White is the sum of all colors, as opposed to black which is the absence of colors; good versus evil, light versus darkness, health versus disease.

With this in mind, the visit in the space designed by Alberto Apostoli for Cusani Palace, becomes a real wellness program that involves body, mind and spirit, for a total “Regenerating Purity”.

The body is cured by treatment with cosmetics and essential oils, natural food and pure water; the mind through the presence of sounds and music, energizing colors and aromas of rare plants and spices; the spirit through meditation practices.

An environment spread across more than 500 square meters, partly open-air, deceptively minimalist, but characterized by a strong, though not invasive, use of equipment, technologies, and multimedia and interactive content.






Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Interior design
Furniture design
Landscape design
Art direction