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Studio Apostoli is an atelier of Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Product Design that has as its primary “Mission” to design with the concept of Wellness at the core of every project.

In over twenty years, Studio Apostoli has implented hundreds of projects across almost every continent, obtaining significant international recognition, numerous awards and been featured in hundreds of

Aware of how the quality of life depends on the quality of the spaces in which we live, work or entertain, Studio Apostoli focuses on the culture of Wellness with creativity and competence in all the areas in which it operates: Spas, Hotels, Residences, Shops, Offices, Objects.

In the area of SPA design, in particular, Studio Apostoli is recognized as an international leader contributing not only through iconic interiors spaces but also with innovative products, research, promotion and training activities.

The studio also often supplements the design with consulting services, offering useful guidance to its clients in the areas of strategic management, positioning and communication choices.



    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Details & Developed Design
    • Specifications
    • Technical design
    • Construction documentation
    • Tendering assistance
    • Site supervision

Interior design.

    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • FF&E & Graphics Selection
    • Custom FF&E Design
    • Artwork & Accessory selection
    • Art Direction
    • Procurement
    • Signage Design

Integrated design

    • Project Coordination
    • Budget Estimate
    • Masterplan
    • Structural Design & Engineering
    • MEP Design & Engineering
    • Lighting Design
    • Water treatment Design
    • BIM (Revit, ArchiCad)
    • Sustainability
    • Landscape & Urban Design
    • Visualisation & Film

Product & Industrial Design

    • Concept Design
    • Engineering & Industrialization
    • Prototyping Coordination
    • Graphic & Communication
    • Marketing Strategy assistance
    • Branding
    • Packaging Design

Strategy & Consulting

    • Spa Consulting
    • Feasibility Study
    • Business Plan

Key People.

Alberto Apostoli


Francesca Morini

Senior Project Manager

Martina Miatto

Senior Project Manager

Alessia Campana

Senior Project Manager

Davide Brindisi

Senior Product Manager

Francesco Apostoli

Senior Project Manager

Piergiorgio Barzon

Brand Manager

Gianluca Rossin

Project Manager

Marco Bertasi

Project Manager

Manuela Astone

Project Manager

Marcella Nottegar

Administrative Manager

Filippo Manzini

Quality Manager

Adriano Apostoli


Alberto Sacchetto

Technical Supervision Manager

Davide Quanilli

MEP/Architecture Integration

Fabrizia Giannotti

Junior Project Manager

Mina Tiesi

Interior Designer

Alessandra Lorenzetti

Interior Designer

Martina Marone


Veronika Antoniazzi

Project Manager

Georgia Alloro

Project Manager

Claudio Castagnetti

IT Manager

Cristiano Garonzi

Graphic Project Manager

Anna De Guidi

3D designer

Marco Cassin

Structural Engineering Manager

Giovanni Dani

Structural Engineering

Guido Chiodelli

Legal Counsel