We aim to create wellness through architecture.


We love to switch on your awareness.


Project and Protect the planet.


Wellness destination resort... our flaghship concept.


Wellness is the balance between body, mind and soul.


We wish to lit all your senses.


Wellness real estate is a new lifestyle


Products that bring you everywhere.


International Leader in SPA design & consulting


Sustainability is wellness for the planet.


Hospitality is nothing but catch your unaware wishes.


Welcome to

    Studio Apostoli.

It is my view.

Architecture and design are nothing without inspiration.

I create well-being through projects that improve people’s physical, mental and spiritual state.

It’s a difficult undertaking and the result of constant research; not only creative but also cultural and value-oriented.

In recent years much has changed, and this desire of mine has found fertile ground in many parts of the world … wherever there is a belief that architecture is the art of creating well-being for people and the environment.


Alberto Apostoli – Founder and CEO.

Who We are.

Studio Apostoli is an atelier of Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Product Design that has as its primary “Mission” to design with the concept of Wellness at the core of every project.

In over twenty years, Studio Apostoli has realized hundreds of projects across almost every continent, obtaining significant international recognition, numerous awards and being featured in hundreds of publications.

Aware of how the quality of life depends on the quality of the spaces in which we live, work or entertain, Studio Apostoli focuses on the culture of Wellness with creativity and competence in all the areas in which it operates: Spas, Hotels, Residences, Shops, Offices, Objects.

In the area of SPA design, in particular, Studio Apostoli is recognized as an international leader contributing not only through iconic interior spaces but also through innovative products, research, promotion and training activities.

Also the studio often integrates the design with consultancy services useful for accompanying its clients in the strategic choices of management, positioning and communication.


Studio Apostoli is not just a group of young and competent professionals specialized in different complementary disciplines, but a cohesive and close-knit group of sixty motivated people with a single objective.

A team that works in unison with a spirit of solidarity and nurtures a great regard for the quality of the project and the needs of its clients.

The team is guided in every project by the holistic and creative vision of Alberto Apostoli. He is an inspired architect able to fuse the idea of Architecture with the growing demand for Wellness. The team is also assisted by a handful of efficient Project Managers, each intent on creating tangible results from design, economic and organizational perspectives.

Every member of the Team approaches each project with passion and dedication, mindful that the continuous evolution of human needs can only be satisfied through constant technical training, a structured work methodology and a great deal of energy.


The expertise of Studio Apostoli is based on the diverse training of its collaborators who discuss, compare and finalize a result; a process that is always the consequence of taking a global view of the project and its general and specific objectives.

Architecture, Interior Design, Structural and MEP Engineering, Integrated Communication and Strategic Consulting are some of the disciplines managed with a structured working method that includes not only technical or creative skills but also economic, managerial and commercial skills.

Studio Apostoli accompanies the client from the initial strategic consultancy phase (due diligence, feasibility studies, business plan etc.), to the communication and publicity of the completed work; throughout the life of the project, leaving room for creativity and constant respect for the site and the general sustainability of the project.


The design approach of Studio Apostoli has now established itself as a true leading manifestation of ‘Wellness Architecture’.

Wellness Architecture is born from the convergence of creativity, expert know-how and technical competence. It is a passion for the balance that is generated between the physical, mental and spiritual components of people’s relationship with themselves, others and nature.

“Wellness” governs the development of all the Studio’s projects. Through this approach,  Studio Apostoli has defined a set of clear and tangible principles based on a plurality of perspectives.

For us, creating Wellness through Architecture means compositional harmony, experiential quality, technological perfection, sustainability, use of elements instead of materials, reading and interpretation of context and territory, … a philosophy instead of a discipline.

Selected Works.

In over 25 years of practice, Studio Apostoli has realised hundreds of projects across 4 continents, of varying typology and scale, ‘from the spoon to the city’. Showcased here are those we feel best reflect our style and design philosophy on well-being.