Dhara, Ayurvedica SPA

In May of last year, the Belfiore Park Hotel inaugurated the new suites inspired by Ayurveda and designed by architect Alberto Apostoli. Today, in the elegant hotel located in Brenzone on Lake Garda, a wellness center called DHARA has been inaugurated, thus completing the hotel project dedicated to wellness. DHARA in Sanskrit means: what is consistent with the order of the universe. The concept at the heart of the project, as for the suites, was developed starting from the three ” Doshas” (Kapha, Pitta, and Vata), the vital energies that, according to Ayurvedic philosophy, pervade all physical bodies. The Doshas make it possible to classify the psycho-physical tendencies present in the body and the dysfunctions that can derive from them; consequently, illnesses arise when imbalances are detected. Apostoli has recreated this harmony within the spa, balancing the elements that comprise it through a careful study of space, shapes, materials/colors, and lighting.






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