The design approach of Studio Apostoli has now established itself as a true and leading


Manifesto Wellness Architecture.


Wellness Architecture is born from the convergence of creativity, expert know-how and technical competence.


It is a passion for the balance that is generated between the physical, mental and spiritual components of people’s relationship with themselves, others and nature.


“Wellness” governs the development of all the Studio’s projects. Through this approach, Studio Apostoli has defined a set of clear and tangible principles based on a plurality of perspectives.


For us, creating Wellness through Architecture means compositional harmony, experiential quality, technological perfection, sustainability, use of elements instead of materials, reading and interpretation of context and territory, … a philosophy instead of a discipline.

We call this approach “TOTAL WELLNESS” and it allows us to be international LEADERS, in a niche sector, of which we know every aspect.


We use a MARKETING ORIENTED approach in the noblest sense of the term.


We bring forward the Italian uniqueness made up of: customization, innovation, luxury, a sense of beauty.


We have a creativity that is not predictable, never repetitive, never minimal, with a strong character, always inspired by the territory, focused on sustainability, … a complex creativity, rich in inventions and contents, which always risks a lot, which constantly asks a question:


are we creating Wellness for customers and the environment?