Preistoriche Green Lodge

Preistoriche Green Lodge is a new chapter in the now well-established collaboration between Studio Apostoli and the Stoppato family. A partnership that began in 2019 with the Neró SPA New Experience project and Terme preistoriche with which the Studio was able to improve the entire Resort and win national and international awards.

Preistoriche Green Lodge will showcase 8 Lodges (fully-equipped Suites) built on low stilts immersed in the woods of Thermal Park. A dreamlike atmosphere is created by the innovative choice of sustainable design, the integration of an Indoor/Outdoor experience, and exceptional architectural qualities. The individual elements making up the complex are connected by suspended walkways, forming multiple contemplative paths through the greenery.

Trees are the true protagonists of the project and, as well as being a conceptual motif, they feature within the individual lodges. They create not only a visual integration with the surrounding environment but also an emotional and sensorial one.

Preistoriche Green Lodge is a project destined to strengthen a trend in the Hospitality market that is increasingly geared towards creating alternative lifestyles that are deeply connected with nature.



Montegrotto Terme




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Final Design
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