ALMAR – Giardino di Costanza

In this enchanting corner of Sicily lies this exclusive 5-star resort, nestled in a natural setting of olive groves and vineyards and located just a few kilometers from the picturesque seaside town of Mazara del Vallo.

The resort offers its guests 90 rooms, all of which will be converted into Junior Suites and Suites following the partial restyling. The traditional Sicilian features, present in the sophisticated lines and typical furnishings, will harmonize with a contemporary reinterpretation enhanced by new finishes in natural colors.

Studio Apostoli’s first intervention focused on the redesign of the Suites –  rethinking their atmosphere and general mood.

Specifically: 78 Junior Suites, of 2 different types (Junior Suite Courtyard and Junior Suite Countryside) and 8 Corner Suites which are larger and more prestigious.

The restyling was based on studies of the Sicilian territory, highlighting its art, location, and flavors.

The main objective of the intervention was to modernize and enrich the rooms, but at the same time preserve the character of the place and the building’s structure.

When the season is over, Studio Apostoli will take on a second project, one that will be even more challenging and significant: the creation of a prestigious SPA designed to turn this location into a wellness “destination” evocative of Sicily’s rich and storied past.


Mazara del Vallo




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