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A Unique Spa for a Unique Archipelago – Wellness in the Galapagos

Written by Ava Roxanne Stritt 

A Unique Spa for a Unique Archipelago Wellness in the Galapagos

Ava Roxanne Stritt @SpaTravelGal

The Galápagos Islands has been on my radar as a must-see place since I was a child reviewing my mother’s National Geographic. This volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, is known for the amazing animals there.  It’s considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing, but little did I know once I visited that a spa would take my breath away. After spending the week at Mashpi Lodge in the Rainforests of Ecuador, a spa day was exactly what I needed when I arrived to Finch Bay Hotel in the Galapagos Island, but I can say I did feel a bit guilty.  Charles Darwin visited in 1835, and his observation of Galápagos’ species later inspired his theory of evolution, but all I could do as soon as I arrived was relish in a glorious outdoor jacuzzi and sip on a Baby Oscar (more on that later).

Of all the places I have visited, Ecuador has carved a special spot in my heart, due to the rich history, the jaw-dropping scenery, endless adventures, some of the best massages in the world and especially the people.

So, when I arrived on this province of Ecuador, about 1,000km off its coast, I definitely thought the first thing I would do was explore, but alas a spa was calling my name.

Our itinerary included three main destinations in Ecuador: the capital city of Quito (Casa Gangotena), the rainforests of Ecuador (Mashpi Lodge) and the famous Galapagos Island (Finch Bay Hotel). Two of the hotels we stayed at were named National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World; now I’m on a mission to visit them again — and to visit all of the others on the prestigious list. I must say I felt like a princess at all three!

Right after the most hospitable check-in, I was told I was expected in the spa and they would escort me there. Well, that sounds like the way I want to be greeted from now on wherever I go! Ha-ha!

My private spa day started with secluded time in their hot tub, accompanied by a special cocktail called the Baby George created by Oscar the bartender. It was served in a vessel that looked like a giant egg. I laid my custom-made 831Minhle cover-up and Wallaroo hat on the chair and was enjoying my cocktail when all of a sudden I had to pause and take it all in. I just stopped taking photos and notes and decided I needed to enjoy the moment. I really had a moment!

I felt like that a lot on this trip. I didn’t want to blink or even look down for fear of missing out on some of the most special places on Earth. The architecture of the exterior amenities of the spa and the spa itself makes sure you always feel like you are outside still taking in this magnificent place you have found yourself.

This is such an exclusive site for the senses. I allowed this unique experience to imbue my sense of touch and smell with the unique elements and aromas of the Galapagos. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit before or after your Galapagos expedition or both!

My spa attendant treated me to a 90-minute massage at this beachfront location. All of the treatments at the Finch Bay Spa incorporate local elements to help you really immerse yourself in the islands.

My treatment was called Lava Meets Water, inspired by the contrast of the dramatic landscapes with the refreshing Galapagos waters. With alternating hot volcanic and cool marble stones, along with massage techniques, your muscles will deeply relax. It’s also good for circulation and reducing stress. This spa treatment was as unique as the islands and one of my all time favorites.

Here one feels the stress of your mind and body melt away under the hands of a fully-certified local masseuses that have been trained by Ian Bell of Raison d’etre (a Global Spa Consultancy), guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatments to the full extent.

Their intimate knowledge of resources unique to the archipelago, as well as their passion for health and wellbeing, make this location an ideal part of your journey in the Galapagos Islands.

Time for you to indulge your mind, body and soul at one of the most important geological hotspots in the world. You will find the Finch Bay Spa tucked away into a secluded location on Santa Cruz Island that’s teeming with untouched nature and direct access to the beach right out front!

It is time to indulge your senses and your mind at Finch Bay Spa!




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