Blog. 10 July 2023

Kreoo: the exclusive proposal for furnishing luxury spaces with marble

Written by DesignFever

Kreoo: the exclusive proposal for furnishing luxury spaces with marble

A brand of Decormarmi, an Italian excellence that exports the magic of natural stone around the world through expressions of art and design, Kreoo has been able to project craftsmanship into a new dimension, balancing tradition with industry logic. The company’s catalog offers furniture solutions designed by international design names, from living complements to bathrooms, outdoor, surfaces and even lighting. The appeal is prestigious, poetic, always conveyed through the textures of one of the oldest and most fascinating materials on the planet: natural stone.


We had a chat with Alessandra Farinon, owner of the company.

Alessandra, the association natural stone – wellness arises in everyone. How can a company like yours contribute to people’s well-being, and how important is this aspect to you in product conception?

As rightly said, the presence of natural stone in an environment stimulates in people the feeling of direct contact with nature. It awakens an emotion from it. Stone is a primordial material whose uniqueness and essence can be clearly perceived. Along with wood, it is the first material used by man, and this matrix is ingrained to the point that it immediately appears to us as familiar, welcoming. In this sense, all our production elicits positivity in people, and therefore well-being. If, on the other hand, we mean the term with a more specific meaning, this year we moved in the direction of well-being precisely thanks to the help of Studio Apostoli, which designed for us the first natural stone bathtub with Airpool technology. A Pearl, just as its name (Pearl) implies, of which we are strongly proud.



As a user, when you visit a hotel facility, what do you pay the most attention to or what strikes you the most? And is this a world that Kreoo works with?


Hospitality is a market we work with a lot, both in Italy and abroad, strengthened also by a great ability to customize our offerings, both in terms of finishes and workmanship, which makes us appreciated by architects. The facilities that choose us tend to be exclusive destinations, such as the Alila Napa Valley, in America’s wine paradise, or the AC Marriott Maui Wailea, a stone’s throw from the beaches of Hawaii.

It may be professional deformation, it may be that I don’t treat myself to vacations very often, but when I visit a hotel property I always look for a fine, cozy, warm atmosphere: for me, sleeping in a room that is designed, not just furnished, is crucial to making the stay unforgettable. And then the bathroom: I like it to resemble a small spa, where I can completely indulge in regeneration and personal care.


How can a brand stand out in the market today? How does your brand stand out from others?


Conveying the made-in-Italy message is definitely a card that works and makes us appreciated even more in the world, but it is also our ability to experiment that makes us unique – a bit like what happened with the bathtub proposed by Studio Apostoli, which initially seemed unfeasible, but now exists and is in its own way extraordinary. This is only possible because of the skill of our craftsmen: in some Kreoo products, the stonework is stressed to a limit that few can achieve, and we say this with pride. Whether it’s a minimized thickness, a precious inlay, an almost invisible joint…the real magic of a marble collection can only be grasped by seeing a product in person.




Alessandra Farinon (on right)

Owner of Kreoo a company with values of qualitative excellence, craftsmanship and customization that have always distinguished Decormarmi and are fundamental in interpreting in a totally new way a traditional material such as marble, through realizations that combine cutting-edge technologies and manual skill typical of the best Made in Italy.