Press Release. 19 April 2018

Alberto Apostoli designs the SPA of the new Grado Thermae (Italy)

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Alberto Apostoli designs the SPA of the new Grado Thermae (Italy).

The renowned Italian spa designer, part of the team that won the architectural competition for the renovation of the building complex.

Studio Alberto Apostoli will design the SPA of the new Grado thermae, portion of the overall project resulting from the co-operation of important architecture firms led by Archest.

The redevelopment of this thermal center is an important step for the tourist revival of Grado, which stands out as a marine spa resort, boasting a tradition that dates back to the early nineteenth century, later confirmed by the construction of the first marine baths in 1932 and the current spa in 1974.

The design intent is to consolidate the tourist vocation of the city of Grado, creating a flywheel for economic activities, with a view to global promotion of the territory.

The design of the wellness center was entrusted to Studio Apostoli, an internationally recognized signature in the Wellness sector.

Customers access this area from the main atrium, going upstairs where, initially, we find the fitness area, about 260 square meters, with a large equipped space that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Through a corridor overlooking the green courtyard, continue towards the beauty area, of about 320 square meters. The area includes a salon dedicated to makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure and 8 massage cabins, offering a range of diversified treatments and a menu with proposals inspired by local traditions and products.

A cabin is equipped with a Turkish bath while the two cabins side by side can be transformed into a couple cabin. The path is completed by an outdoor green terrace which, during the summer, becomes an additional massage area.

The wellness area has an area of about 650 square meters and is contained within a glass volume placed on the green terrace; it can accommodate 60 people. It is strongly themed according to the division in the 4 main elements: water, air, fire and earth.

The first area is dedicated to water and the sea and it offers all wet treatments; on the left the room dedicated to halotherapy and iodine inhalation, while continuing, we arrive in a circular glass atrium which, on one side, houses the hammam and, on the other, the tepidarium to calidarium. The path of emotional showers decorates and completes the space and its offer dedicated to the theme of water.

The next portion is dedicated to the air. It is an open space used for relaxation, equipped with chaises longues and characterized by sinuous partitions and ceiling veils, which also continue in the adjacent bistro.

The third area is dedicated to the fire element and to all dry treatments. A central atrium, dominated by glazed showers, opens onto 3 different types of saunas (salt sauna, herbal sauna and Finnish sauna) which, through a central passage, lead the guest to the outdoor terrace, where it towers, like a a sort of island in the middle of the sea, another large glazed sauna surrounded by cold pools at different temperatures and an “Ashiyu”, an invigorating Japanese treatment for the limbs. A long Kneipp path and a large cold pool complete the outdoor area.

The overall design was created in collaboration with the following firm: Archest (Team Leader), Dejaco+Partner, Studio Apostoli, Von Lutz, Thermostudio, Deerns, Geomok.