Press Release. 14 February 2022

Alberto Apostoli firma A.Zeta per NewformAlberto Apostoli designs A.Zeta for Newform.

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Alberto Apostoli designs A.Zeta for Newform.

The A.Zeta dual function showerhead which makes it possible to apply the wellness concept even in domestic spaces.  


Alberto Apostoli renews his partnership with Newform, an Italian company with an established wellness division, and has designed A.Zeta, the new 2022 product for bathroom interiors dedicated to wellness.

A.Zeta is a showerhead with a segmented steel profile, like an aesthetic representation of flowing water. The studied inclines enhance the water flow and can be personalized in two distinct modes – rainfall and waterfall.

Available in polished chrome finish, satin, or black and white, the shower plate features essential lines enhanced by the geometric folds and their respective details: the thin cut for the water jet and the micro-perforations from which one can activate the rain mode. A.Zeta is a wall-mounted design and, its form and function are perfectly matched – coordinated to ensure a signature wellness shower experience, both in a residential space and in a commercial context.


“Being able to take on product design is always stimulating because it allows one to respond to the demands of the sector, the market, and users in an extremely precise and punctual manner, but in a way that is still akin to designing a spa or a hotel. You are led to imagine who might use the product, what they should think during use, in what context and with what expectations. Those who use A. Zeta, want to recreate in their own homes the wellness experience they have enjoyed in spas, and they want to do so through an element that visually breaks away from the classic forms of tapware; a theme that we had already explored with Newform a few years ago with the Aqualite collection, which guided the company in its very clear vision of wellness. A.Zeta once again highlights water as the fundamental element of wellness: the showerhead evolves with it, simulating its movements and focusing on the individual to guarantee an authentic experience of relaxation,” concludes Alberto Apostoli.