Press Release. 17 April 2020

Cipriani entrusts Studio Apostoli with the design of the wellness areas for its new luxury hospitality

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The two new Cipriani destinations will be in Uruguay and Milan, both symbolic of the best of Italian design. The luxurious wellness areas will be signed off with the Studio Apostoli signature.


One is enclosed in a visionary, futuristic, disruptive building; the other, in a building of the early twentieth century, with a rustic base and a composition of neoclassical elements. We are talking, respectively, about the Cipriani Ocean Resort, Club Residence and Casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and Palazzo Bernasconi in Milan, the two new Cipriani real estate investments in the luxury hospitality sector.


The first to open will be in Milan, in 2021, followed by the large scale hospitality intervention in the well-known South American tourist resort. From the beginning in Venice, in the 1930s, the group continues to export Italian hospitality and design all over the world, from New York to Miami, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. No exception are the two new properties, which extend Cipriani’s “Made in Italy” style to further contexts, with design, therefore, entrusted to great professionals from our territory.


Among them, Studio Apostoli, leader in the wellness architecture sector with over 1000 projects carried out at an international level: the team, founded in 1996 in Verona by Alberto Apostoli, was in fact commissioned by the client to develop the interior design and project manage the wellness areas of the two Resorts, where the aesthetic language comes from the balance between essential lines, geometric volumes, materials and refined finishes.


The relationship and interpretation of the context are therefore interwoven, in Milan as in Uruguay, with the best of Italian style, the concepts of proportion and symmetry, without any decorative excess.

“Exporting the best of our culture, at all levels, is Cipriani’s goal and entrepreneurial strength and the reason for its international success. We are proud to be part of this group and to have been involved in the development of the wellness areas of its new facilities. We are already working in an integrated way with the support of all our collaborators, who are specialised in various disciplines,” says founder Alberto Apostoli.


The wellness centre of Palazzo Bernasconi in Milan, better known as the “Palazzo del Sarto”, is part of a boutique hotel complex and aims to emphasise its history through a ” custom-made” project, with attention to every detail: divided into the SPA, beauty and fitness sectors. It features a composition of precious materials such as cedar wood, red French marble, onyx and mosaic, gold finishes and cashmere fabrics, further highlighted by the lighting.


On the other side of the ocean, the wellness area of “Casa Cipriani” in Punta del Este enhances the natural materials such as wood and stone to recall the site’s pristine nature. It covers an area of about 3500 square meters, with a beauty and relaxation area, a medical section and a SPA divided into two separate paths for men and women, which are then connected in a Hammam with many sensorial features.