Press Release. 20 October 2010

Hotel Villa Luisa: contemporary style.

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In May of this year, has reopened after a major renovation, the Hotel & Resort Villa Luisa, located in San Felice del Benaco, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. The hotel is situated on a hill and surrounded by olive and cypress trees, where the guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake. There can also be accessed from the small port, climbing cobblestone alleys in between stone houses of the old village. The restyling of the architect Apostoli relates to the duality between existing / territory and sober modernity, readable both inside and outside the structure. This dualism has resulted in the work through a continuous curved line that links the interior design with the outdoor area, boosted by exchange of materials and finishes, from a particular lighting design and a sophisticated use of ceiling plaster . Neutral colors and natural materials of the tradition are a tribute to the local culture, the “circle” and shades of white were thought to highlight the contemporary of the structure. An important use of transparencies and reflections is the bridge between design and folklore.
The swimming pool offers the same formal features of the interior design and it combines two circles which, seen together, they form a enlarged shell. Some water blades protrude from the rock, excavated in part to derive the pool. Another circular pool, built especially for children, completes the area.
The access to some of the rooms is expected only from the outside: a choice of the architect Apostoli to show guests the beauty of the hill.
Some interpretations of traditional areas, such as the balcony with a marble compass rose drawn on the ground, enrich the outside area designed for the creation of artistic events or get-togethers.