Press Release. 25 January 2024

Outdoor Wellness: the stand signed by Alberto Apostoli at OUTEX 2024

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Studio Apostoli presents dynamic Outdoor Wellness at ForumPiscine 2024


The project signed by Alberto Apostoli investigates the future of the open air sector.


Designed for the 15th edition of ForumPiscine – International Pool & Spa Expo and Congress, ‘Outdoor Wellness’ is the installation signed by Studio Apostoli that explores the founding principles, possible declinations and the future of outdoor wellness, rethinking spas and wellness spaces with a new perspective. “I envisioned Outdoor Wellness as if it were an updated manifesto for the sector: a return to the past, to the ancestral origins of ‘being well,’ to treatments and methodologies in full synergy with nature are the future of contemporary man,” explains architect Alberto Apostoli, who continues, “wellness environments and spas can no longer be considered exclusively as leisure spaces, but must be rethought above all as welcoming places, with healing properties for the body and mind. This snapshot is only possible in situations of total commingling with nature”.

The grid distribution of the installation designs the different spaces that make up the modern wellness garden, enhanced by vegetation and natural elements: water, the essential source of life, is placed in the center and acts as a hinge with respect to the other four quadrants, which instead recall the seasons and the elements of Taoist philosophy-wood, fire, earth, metal. The experience is immersive, aimed at demonstrating the philosophy behind the new open-air wellness concept; however, the programmatic finds immediate concreteness in the display of equipment such as outdoor saunas and steam rooms, furniture elements and wellness products made from environmentally friendly materials. The exhibition areas then evolve into convivial and meeting spaces designed to host conferences and round tables on the theme, such as “Water, nature and design: in search of a perfect balance” and “Outdoor, spa & wellness: a great opportunity for success.”

Complementing Studio Apostoli’s design is a large portico enriched with green elements, which seamlessly surrounds the area and seals the union between outdoor and indoor, but also between the architecture of man and the vital presence of nature, in a direct coexistence that is possible because it is harmonious.
The 15th edition of ForumPiscine – International Pool & Spa Expo and Congress, will be held February 14-16, 2024 at BolognaFiere Halls 25-26; in conjunction with Outex – Outdoor & Leisure experience and ForumClub – International Congress & Expo for Fitness, Sport and Wellness Clubs.