Press Release. 4 September 2010


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Morning, noon and night the whole spa experience at your disposal in this new complete home spa jacuzzi. Inspired by the highest sense of wellness, spa combines the Sasha home sauna, shower and a Hammam. Designed by the architect Alberto Apostoli Sasha has a modern design and professional services in a compact package that fits a modern home. Made of wood, glass, steel and resin, Jacuzzi spa with water all the senses, smell, warmth and music will do. found in the sauna, RGB LED lamps are in the bank and select the wall, while a touchpad can be different programs with color sequences are combined. The shower is surrounded by large areas of glass, and comes with three programs, soothing water to wash away your worries. Finally loaded the Hammam mix coats your body with warm dew, while the touch screen panel can use color to the various programs.