Press Release. 9 May 2022

Studio Apostoli signs Prehistoric Green Lodge, the sustainable Suites in Montegrotto Terme

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Studio Apostoli signs Prehistoric Green Lodge, the sustainable Suites in Montegrotto Terme

The stilts are surrounded by nature and mark the new intervention of the study in the Parco Terme Preistoriche, in the province of Padua.

Eight Lodges immersed in the nature of the Parco Terme Preistoriche in Montegrotto Terme, in the province of Padua: this is the new project by Studio Apostoli which renews its collaboration with the Stoppato family, owner of the Paduan Resort & SPA of the same name. In 2019, in fact, Alberto Apostoli had taken care of the concept and interior design of Nero Spa New Experience, the multifunctional wellness center on the main floor of the reception complex, where warm and enveloping lighting blends with natural materials and glass, creating settings hybrid seamlessly with the surrounding park. The desire for full permeability between inside and outside is the driver that also defines Prehistoric Green Lodge, now in the executive phase, which expresses to the utmost a symbiotic design with nature. The Lodge complex develops in an agglomeration of stilts, connected to each other by a system of walkways, immersed in the adjacent wood: the same trees are integrated into the architecture, which are modeled around them, and become active elements in the definition of the interior. design, in order to preserve the original landscape configuration. Green roofs, developed for some portions of the roof, complete the green configuration of the architecture: essential, entirely in wood, they are punctuated by large windows and terraces that open onto the outside. The geometric and clean-cut envelopes of the Suites are finally softened by selected furniture elements in light and neutral shades, in order to create relaxing settings in complete harmony with nature, the leitmotif of the entire project.

Alberto Apostoli with Preistoriche Green Lodge pursues a new model in the hospitality sector, with structures perfectly integrated into the landscape and resolved with sustainable design solutions, in total compatibility with the environment.