Press Release. 9 September 2011

The design of a very contemporaneous suite, signed by Alberto Apostoli architecture&design.

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The concept is centered on vitreous ceramic, the recycled and recyclable obtained from heating and fusion of recovered glass chips, which matches technical and aesthetical characteristic of glass and natural stone. It’s a material of notorious expressive and technical capacities, a product that joins technology, sensuousness, aesthetic and respect for inescapable values connected to sustainability. It has been used in indoors and outdoors of the design, molded in the furniture – such as table and bed – and in some architectonical elements, as the bathrooms bubbles backdrop. The design was born with the intention to join innovative materials research, design and sustainability and we started from this product features to interpret three aspects through rational shapes, alternating blanks and full, modulated lighting and scenic attention. For the flooring was chosen the Jerusalem stone.