Press Release. 26 September 2023

Armonia: the new consulting company of wellness world is born

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Armonia, the world’s first independent integrated consulting company specialising in the realm of wellness, has come into existence.

With expertise in strategy, communication, and management, Armonia supports facilities and brands on their evolutionary journey. It was co-founded by architect Alberto Apostoli in collaboration with partners Annarita Di Giacomo and Enrico Della Casa. 


Armonia is the premier integrated consulting firm in the wellness sector, encompassing strategy, design, marketing, management, advanced training, and more. Its mission is to bolster Italian and international spas, transforming them into commercially and economically successful destinations. Questions such as “How do you create a wellness-focused space, define its identity, determine its offerings, and effectively promote it to the end customer?” form the cornerstones of this endeavour. Aesthetics, functionality, specialisation, and storytelling are critical aspects of a facility’s business. When managed correctly, they lead to heightened popularity and an exceedingly efficient business model.

Joining this venture is Alberto Apostoli, a renowned international design and architecture firm in the SPA industry with over 25 years of experience and a portfolio of more than 1,000 projects. Alberto Apostoli founded Armonia – Wellness Consulting, Advisory, and Management to draw upon his own extensive experience and outline the specific characteristics required to become an expert interlocutor, proficient in global and synergic competencies. Two specialised partners also joined the team: Annarita Di Giacomo, with a distinguished career in managing and consulting for wellness centres, including protocol development and training; and Enrico Della Casa  with international experience in communication and branding within the luxury and wellness industry.

Architect Alberto Apostoli explains, “Armonia is the amalgamation of this extraordinary knowledge, dedicated to serving individual brands, hotel chains, and independent Italian or international facilities. It acknowledges the market demand within the wellness industry to evolve and precisely target its offerings, similar to what has transpired in the hospitality sector over the past two decades. Elevating the service, setting it apart, selecting the right partners in alignment with project objectives, ensuring staff training, adhering to sustainability principles, and employing coordinated image and communication tools are all indispensable elements for a successful business. Our role is to facilitate this process.” He further adds, “Our primary objective is to create spas capable of generating positive economic outcomes in a sector often seen as unprofitable or peripheral.”

Armonia offers tailored and customisable strategic and operational consultancy services, which can encompass various areas simultaneously – design (developed directly by Studio Apostoli), marketing, and management, or a combination thereof, designed to meet clients’ specific requirements. Their clientele includes renowned destinations like Mandarin Oriental Milano, Capovaticano Resort Thalasso SPA, Terme di Comano, Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, St. Regis in Venice, Hotel Romazzino on the Costa Smeralda, Palazzo Doglio in Cagliari, Baglioni Villas (a part of Baglioni Hotels & Resorts group), and beauty pioneers such as Luxury Lab Cosmetics, dedicated to the pursuit of increasingly high-performance skincare and cosmetics lines.

Partner Annarita Di Giacomo highlights, “We have established a network dedicated to the high-end segment, delivering services at the utmost level of excellence. Our portfolio includes strategic collaborations with Italian and international clients, for whom we become the initial reliable and expert point of contact for addressing various essential aspects of planning a quality wellness service. The true differentiator in the market is the competence and experience of our team, ensuring professionalism and delivering results.”


About Armonia


ALBERTO APOSTOLI. Project Leader and Chief Design

Alberto Apostoli is widely regarded as one of the most influential and acclaimed architects in the realm of Wellness & SPA. He earned his degree in architecture in Venice in 1993 and embarked on a pioneering journey in his profession, delving into innovative approaches and themes within his projects. In 1997, he established Studio Apostoli, a globally renowned design and consulting studio that has been in operation for over 26 years. Backed by a team of over 30 professionals and boasting a portfolio of more than 60 international awards, the studio has successfully executed projects in more than 20 countries. Studio Apostoli has forged collaborations with top-tier hospitality and wellness brands, including Lefay Resorts, Cipriani Group, Four Seasons, Hilton, Discovery Land Company, and others. Alberto has also crafted iconic projects and products for renowned brands like Jacuzzi and Varaschin, playing a pivotal role in expanding the wellness industry into new markets. Alberto is the esteemed author of the book “Architecture of SPAs,” and his work has graced the pages of numerous magazines and books, cementing his expertise and influence in the industry.

Additionally, he holds a respected position within various think tanks in the Wellness & SPA sector, notably the Sustainable SPA Association headquartered in London, where he has held a founding membership since 2020. Over the decades, Alberto has actively engaged in conferences, webinars, and global awareness initiatives.


ANNA RITA DI GIACOMO. Chief Operations, product and HR

Annarita harnesses her deep understanding of human behaviour to inform her decision-making and relationships in her professional pursuits. With a psychology degree in hand, she embarked on her career journey within the tourism sector, initially orchestrating events and subsequently assuming the role of strategic communication and promotion head for prominent Italian enterprises. From 2004 to 2013, Annarita held diverse positions, ranging from Spa Consultant and
Customer Care Manager to Spa Operations Manager, culminating in her role as Spa Manager at the Saturnia thermal baths. In 2014, Mandarin Oriental recruited her as the Director of Spa & Wellness for the launch of their inaugural spa in Italy. In 2019, she played a pivotal role in the rebranding and inauguration of the Mandarin Oriental SPA at Lake Como, overseeing facets like training, standards, and the identification of the Spa Manager. Then, in 2021, she adeptly supervised the launch of the esteemed Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid Hotel.

Annarita’s personal philosophy is firmly rooted in values of excellence and tailored experiences. She ardently advocates for the integration of technology, innovative concepts, and ongoing research to craft a spa experience that is truly unique, setting it apart from the rest. Her emphasis on staff training seeks to optimize operational efficiency while concurrently recognizing the paramount importance of nurturing relationships and the art of evoking emotions in the creation of exceptional spa experiences.


ENRICO DELLA CASA. Chief Brand and communication

Enrico Della Casa is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with extensive international experience in the fields of branding and communication, spanning diverse sectors and industries. His professional journey commenced as an executive for prestigious luxury brands like Asprey-Garrard, Riva-Yacht, and Ferrari, where he served markets across Europe and the Americas for over a decade.

Subsequently, Enrico embarked on a successful venture, overseeing the development of high-end single-family residential properties on a global scale through private companies. His career also includes executive roles and partnership responsibilities for branding and communication in various startups. These startups operated within the realms of energy transition, electromobility, hospitality, and wellness, all under the umbrella of a family-owned office in Boston, MA.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Enrico and his business partners received the esteemed title of Best Spa and Wellness Offering in the Americas at the prestigious World Spa and Wellness Awards in London in 2021. Furthermore, Enrico has been appointed as a member of the advisory board of the Gharieni Group, a leading German manufacturer of wellness technology equipment.

In addition to these roles, Enrico is a partner in a branding and communication agency based in Italy. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna. His unwavering passion for global design, architecture, technology, and innovation is unmistakably evident in his dynamic lifestyle, which spans three incredibly diverse nations: Mongolia, Italy, and the United States.