Press Release. 28 March 2011

Alberto Apostoli for Fabbian Illuminazione. WLC – Wellness Light Collection: when wellness becomes light

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At Euroluce 2011, Fabbian presents WLC – Wellness Light Collection, the new lighting system for the Spa ambience. Designed by Alberto Apostoli, name in the field of wellness and hotel, WLC go to the market in an attractive and innovative way with the specific goal of becoming an icon in the lighting field. It is not just a lighting item, but a modular system consisting of three objects: a central lamp (the heart), which produces direct light, a ring (the soul) that creates an indirect light and two RGB LED bars dimmable (the body) for wall-washing effect. According to the architect’s concept, these two bars represent the horizon, while the central lamp and its ring simulate the sun; together they recreate the color effects produced by the sun at different times of day. WLC is connected in an iconographic way to the emotion generated by any natural environment in which the light is not unique and flat in its chromaticity and, above all, it is symbolically linked to the two most significant moments of the day for the human being: sunrise and sunset. So it becomes an object that can create infinite atmosphere and finds, therefore, its natural place in spas and hotels. For hotels, is already under study the expansion of the structure with accessories for the integration in the system of the courtesy lights of the rooms. The size of WLC is impressive and, ideally, infinite thanks to its modularity; the three constituent elements can be installed together or individually, in any case controlled by a single touch screen panel, optionally remote. It has been officially presented at Salone del Mobile 2011.