Press Release. 6 May 2016


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The new collection of taps named “Aqualite” was presented at 2016 Salone del Mobile in Milan.

During the successful 2016 edition of the Salone del Mobile, the collection “Aqualite”, designed by Alberto Apostoli for Newform, aroused great interest among the public.

This collaboration stems from the company’s desire to expand its range of taps with new products specifically designed for the “wellness” industry, suitable for integration with the architectural structure and able to highlight the naturalness of the “water material”.

On the other hand, it was critical to Apostoli to find a partner able of developing new products, designed from real technical and aesthetic needs, resulting from his two decades of experience in the Wellness industry.

The production in this area, in fact, often remains linked to a mere exercise in style, while the collection “Aqualite”, being inspired to the natural water fall, wants to give back to this precious element its primal essence.

Aqualite is characterized by a neat and elegant design and it is composed by 5 products: a shower head complete of lighting and its innovative control; a switch with push technology; a faucet characterized by a luminous line that changes color depending on the temperature; a recessed tap whose shape blends with the architecture.

In fact, the ability to seamlessly blend with the ceiling and walls is the peculiarity which makes these products unique and perfect for public and private wellness areas.


Aqualite Head shower – AL1

It is a recessed shower head that blends into the architectural structure “floating” within the same.

To achieve this effect, the two functions of the product, water and light, have been split.

Their interaction is realized by a series of volumes, different in size, which result in a single body and give to the product an extreme stylistic lightness.

The first volume, the largest, is made from the recess of the architectural structure; the inner surface can be decorated with a finish that make the element emerge from the rest of the masonry or, on the contrary, that totally integrates with it.

The second volume is constituted by an object made of Plexiglas which intersects the ceiling almost to disappear and that serves as a lighting element; thanks to a series of LEDs placed along the entire perimeter, this volume seems suspended in the air.

Finally we find the internal volume, the heart of the system, the actual shower head that generates the flow of water.

Aqualite Switch – AL2

This switch integrates perfectly with the wall, revealing only two metal surfaces for the interaction with the user. The water control is managed via overhead commands that regulate temperature and flow rate, while a light bar communicates the temperature of the water, through the color change from blue to red. The frame as well as the control plates are available in different colors and they allow the product to merge with the wall or emerge from it.

Aqualite Diverter – AL3

This element controls the water shift from head shower to hand shower, with “Push” system; this system allows the return of the button to the starting position at each selection. The frame and the switch recall stylistically the other pieces of the collection.

Aqualite tap – AL4

Drawn on the AL2 switch style, also AL4 tap is characterized by the dematerialization of the form within the architecture, by integrating with the wall. Flow and water pressure are controlled through the two metal plates that swing inside the wall, marking the boundary between object and architecture. The faucet is completed with a thin slanted metal blade that protrudes from the wall by following the switch style and from which the water flows.

Aqualite tap – AL5

This recessed faucet is characterized by a vertical bar in backlit plexiglass, which varies in color according to the water temperature or to a user-selected program. The water flow, even in this case, takes place through a metal blade, which is an extension of the column of light. This tap is managed by AL2 switch.