Press Release. 1 April 2021

Studio Apostoli has created the Concept for the “Citadel of Wellness” that will be built in Parma.

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Studio Apostoli has created the Concept for the “Citadel of Wellness” that will be built in Parma.


The project by Studio Apostoli, in charge of the general concept, includes urban gardens, areas dedicated to the psycho-physical well-being of people, spaces to encourage conviviality and many other services for all people of all age groups.


The project is spread over a surface of 16,700 square meters and will take the name of “Cittadella del Benessere”: in Vigheffio, on the outskirts of Parma, a multifunctional, social and inclusive pioneer urban complex will be built by the end of 2022, based on a new way of living for people of all ages.


The idea for this newly founded neighborhood is to give life to a new urban area where latest generation technologies, social functions, urban agriculture systems and private spaces are in absolute continuity with each other with the result, in fact, of a pleasant place of ‘well-being’ for its inhabitants.


A vision that might seem utopian, but which will begin to be a reality already in the summer of 2021, when the first stone will be laid, symbolically beginning the construction of the masterplan whose general concept has been entrusted to Studio Apostoli.


“Well-being in a holistic, global sense has always represented my mission” says architect Alberto Apostoli, owner of the integrated design Firm, in charge of the ambitious project, who continues: “The Citadel will contain single-family villas, a residential innovative building and services aimed at supporting the well-being and autonomy of the person, a social assistance structure for non-self-sufficient users, commercial functions, a food & beverage area with smart working spaces, a concierge for the collection of mail and parcels, and then a park, urban gardens, paths equipped for running and Nordic walking or for  different types of mobility depending on the age group; besides play areas, an outdoor kitchen, spaces for individual meditation and sensorial exploration”.


The will of the promoter of the project – the historic company from Parma Allodi – is in fact to establish a “sample” district that is unique by vocation, where it is of primary importance to instill physical and mental well-being in heterogeneous people, considering families, young people, the elderly and frail people. with different degrees of skill.