Press Release. 21 March 2020

Studio Apostoli: twenty years of wellness design

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Wellness, first of all. This is the philosophy that has made Studio Apostoli renowned since 1997. The well-being in fact inspires the development of any design that the Firm, based in Verona (Italy), exports all over the world and of which it has defined clear and tangible principles over time.

Architecture, interior and product design are the main sectors where this philosophy is applied, according to a plurality of declinations: well-being as compositional harmony, as experiential quality, as technological perfection, as sustainable aim, as choice and use of appropriate materials, as capacity to understand the context and make it as a long-term economic feasibility program.


The firm achieves these objectives thanks to a team of about 60 professionals specialized in different areas and thanks to the holistic and interdisciplinary approach of its founder, Alberto Apostoli, who imagined his team – and strongly wanted it – as a group capable of going far beyond traditional rules of architectural design and guarantee its clients also engineering design, project management and marketing services.


In over twenty years of activity, Studio Apostoli has carried out over 1000 projects including hotels, SPA, offices, shops, residential complexes and villas, providing architectural, engineering and interior design, as well as conceiving furnishings, products and accessories, designed specifically for each project.


From large to small scale, well-being is therefore expressed through an integrated design methodology and evolves continuously, thanks to the technological innovations and the international experiences gained by the Firm.

United States, Europe, Russia, Middle East and China are in fact some of the world markets in which Alberto Apostoli has worked and communicated his knowledge, through conferences and educational activities, which includes philosophical, historical, economic, sociological and artistic notions, which have been turned also into publications and numerous prizes and awards.