Press Release. 22 April 2015

Wellness offices by Alberto Apostoli for Allianz-Ragno agency in south of Italy

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The well-known architect for spa design, signed the insurance company headquarters in Trani, with a particular attention to the psychophysical condition of employees and customers.

Contamination between Architecture and Wellness is the main theme of the concept that Alberto Apostoli studied for the Allianz insurance agency of Trani.

The intuition of the Customer to choose a SPA designer for their offices, was visionary and targeted to meet the need of the company by making the perception of the “insurance product” different from being a “necessary product”.

From this “mission” was born the collaboration between Alberto Apostoli and the client, who strongly wanted the “Wellness specialist” to be entrusted with the design of a work environment that can communicate professionalism, and at the same time: empathy, relaxation and well-being.

The architect comments: “When they contacted me for this project, I immediately realized its potential, despite the risks of falling into banality or excesses.

Instead we worked in complete autonomy and confidence and the result was excellent: an office where the professionalism and the “working method” meets the world of wellness and hospitality with all that this implies in terms of emotionality, sensoryand comfort”.

The office is dominated by the operating desk; made of travertine marble by local artisans is equipped with eight workstations. Its vertical development is characterized by a succession of marble slabs alternating with light, which confers it a technical aspect, but at the same time, also a strong visual impact.

In front there is a glass wall that connects the executive office with the operations rooms, characterized by a sheet of water flowing on the surface of the glass; true wellness evocative element albeit mediated by the presence of a great sandblasted logo. A bio-ethanol fireplace was placed in the main office to counterbalance the water element.

All workstations have been created with white travertine and glass, while the libraries and other furnishings of service are in matt lacquered wood.

The lighting was specially designed and sized according to the role that light has both in spa and workplace. RGB lighting combined with a DALI system can handle different scenarios in accordance with the video wall behind the desk or managed directly by the customer.

This project represents the clearance of “Wellness” to other design areas; a goal that Apostoli has been pursuing for long time also in residential and retail fields.